Student Resources

Local Student Resources

The Wild West Council (WWC) actively supports students and student chapters in our Council area (Southern California, Arizona, Colorado, Southern Nevada, New Mexico, Utah).  Here are a few of the events and student chapters the Council supports:

IMA's Student Leadership Conference:

  • The SLC conference is typically held in November, and registration opens In September. 

  • The Wild West Council has provided scholarships to help students cover the cost of attending the SLC for many years.  For future conferences, please check here in August/September of each year for scholarship information.

IMA Wild West Council Paying Student Membership Fees:

Please help us get the word out NOW - WWC has money granted by IMA Global to pay for STUDENT memberships in our Council territory. If you are an educator with students or you are an IMA member who knows students majoring in Accounting or Finance, please give them the attached application and have them send it to
Andrew Vara, WWC Treasurer, andrewvara@....  The applications will be paid by WWC on a first come, first served basis until all funds are used - and we have sufficient funds.  We want all student members we support to have the chance for their member application approved.

Student Chapters and Activities:

  • WWC sponsors a student chapter at Cal State Bakersfield.  
  • The San Diego Chapter sponsors an annual student night at the University of San Diego. 
  • In April, the IMA South Bay Chapter Co-sponsored a Student Career Night jointly with Institute of Internal Auditors
  • The Arizona Valley of the Sun Chapter sponsors a Student Chapter at Arizona State University and Grand Canyon University

To let us know what your chapter is doing to support students or for more information Contact Us