About Council

Welcome to the IMA Wild West Council!  

Our Council comprises fourteen chapters in the Southwest United States, including Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Southern California, Southern Nevada, and Utah. We hold quarterly meetings in different areas of the region, and our meetings and other events are open to all IMA members, prospective members and guests.   Our quarterly events include CPE, the Wild West Council meeting, and social/networking events.   Our CPE events provide an affordable way for members to earn their required hours, and we provide knowledgeable speakers to help increase members’ knowledge in the areas of accounting and finance.  Our meetings include an update on IMA Global events as well as discussions on chapter events, student activities and scholarships, and other activities promoted by the Wild West Council.  Our Social events provide a way to make IMA friends from other areas within the Council and an opportunity for Chapter and Council Leaders to exchange ideas and to improve the value we all provide to our IMA members. 

The Wild West Council’s Mission 

The mission of the WWC is to promote and facilitate cooperation and communication between the Institute of Management Accountants (“IMA Global”) and the chapters in the WWC region. The Council provides support, assistance and value to the council chapters while upholding the purposes, objectives, and goals of IMA Global.  The Council also provides assistance and support for student chapters and for new or re-established chapters in the Council area.

Strategic Goals of the Wild West Council

The strategic objective of the WWC is to provide value to the Chapters and at-large members in our area through:

• Leadership opportunities, 

• CPE sessions, 

• Communication and coordination through council meetings, and 

• Opportunities for networking and social interactions.  

Another important strategic goal of the council is to promote the CMA certification and to support and provide information to students on IMA, the CMA certification, and management accounting careers.

Our Chapters

Arizona California Colorado Nevada New Mexico Utah

Arizona Valley of the Sun

  (Phoenix area) 
LA Metro Denver-Centennial Las Vegas Albuquerque Salt Lake Area
Orange County Boulder Valley
San Diego
San Gabriel Valley
   (LA Foothills)
South Bay
   (Long Beach & Palos Verdes)