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Get Involved in Our Council

Expand your network and sharpen your leadership skills!  Volunteer in your local IMA Chapter or the Wild West Council.  

Volunteering in IMA gives you
  • Learning and Refining New Skills for Personal and Professional Growth,
  • Developing/Strengthening Professional Relationships, and
  • Supporting the Management Accounting and Finance Profession

About Council Volunteer Opportunities

IMA’s Wild West Council is seeking volunteer leaders to contribute to its mission of promoting IMA’s strategic objectives and supporting the success of chapters in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Southern California, Southern Nevada, and Utah. Regional councils are chartered by IMA’s Global Board of Directors to serve as a bridge between the Global Board and staff and professional member chapters, student chapters, and members in their designated geographic area.

Council responsibilities include:
  • Monitoring the health and success of assigned chapters
  • Organizing new chapters
  • Leading revitalization efforts for chapters that are experiencing difficulties
  • Assisting in identifying and establishing student chapters
  • Supporting members not served by a local chapter and at-large members
  • Augmenting chapter resources in providing education and networking events, strategizing and making corporate development calls, and promoting CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) certification

The Council meets four times per year at different locations within the Council area.  Our meetings include CPE, business meeting, and networking events All Council volunteers are encouraged to actively participate in Council activities, but attendance is not mandatory. Web connections are generally available for business meetings. 

Note:  Through the remainder of 2020 (at least), all events are virtual.

See the Council Board listing for details or contact the Council President, Di Wu at

About Chapter Volunteer Opportunities

IMA's Chapters are a key component of IMA's strategic objectives to:
  • Promote IMA membership
  • Increase awareness and pursuit of the CMA credential
  • Provide superior value to our members.

The chapter board of directors is responsible for the management and successful operation of the chapter. Responsibilities include: planning, coordinating, communicating, and conducting chapter activities to provide high-level service to chapter members and promote IMA in the community.  The chapter board schedules a variety of events to provide a visible presence for IMA in the local community.  They provide networking, continuing professional education, certification information and support and communication about value of IMA membership.

IMA chapters have the flexibility to tailor their board positions to the passions and time availability of volunteers.  See Chapter Positions for the general board structure listed in the Chapter Operations Manual (the manual is available on the Chapter Portal).

For more information on available positions or to volunteer, contact Wild West Council VP of Chapter Relations,  Pem Smith at