President's Message


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November 13, 2019

Hi Members and Friends,

I hope all is well with you.  The 2019-20 year of the Wild West Council is well under way, and I wanted to note the awesome weekend the Albuquerque Chapter hosted back in September!  In the time since their Chapter joined the WWC, they have really impressed us during the two weekends when they hosted quarterly meetings in 2019 (also January).  In September, our CPE seminars included some great topics ranging from economic prospects in Albuquerque to casino accounting, non-profit accounting, and changes in human resources law.  The presenter of the HR session astutely covered developments in each state of the WWC region.  Not only that, but the excursion to Santa Fe was enjoyed by all.  Thank you Albuquerque Chapter!

The WWC and the OC - what a combination!  I hope you can join us this weekend for our quarterly meeting in Orange County.  We will be offering 4 CPE's at Irvine Valley College on Friday afternoon, as well getting together for dinner on both Friday and Saturday.  For our Saturday afternoon activity, we will be going to Crystal Cove State Park, or if you prefer, the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana.  Thank you to the Orange County Chapter and the WWC for organizing the events this weekend, it is much appreciated!

To register for this weekend's events, please click the following link:

I look forward to seeing you this weekend, have a good 1!

Patrick Wilson, CMA
WWC President 2019-20