President's Message


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June 28, 2018
Welcome to the start of the IMA year 2018/19!

Let me first start off by thanking Camille Cook for doing a wonderful job as council President during 2017/18. We had some great meetings, CPE and lots of fun! I also want to thank each of the board for their support and dedication to both their local chapters and to the council.

As we enter the IMA’s 100th year we have a lot to look forward to during 2018/19. First off, we have our board meetings which are currently scheduled for the following dates/locations:
Summer – August 17th/18th – San Diego, CA
Fall – October 26th/27th – Salt Lake City, UT
Winter – February 22nd/23rd – Inland Empire, CA
Spring – April 26th/27th – Las Vegas, NV
After the meetings we will end our year right where we begin, back in San Diego for the 100th Annual Conference and Expo.
I invite our members to come join us at any of our events. All IMA members are welcome to attend any of the CPE sessions or meetings. I hope to see you there.”
Stuart Gibb, CMA
President, WWC 2018-19