Council News

Wild West Council News

  • Wild West Council CPE and Meeting - April 16 and 23, 2021

    Our last events for the year will be held virtually in April.  The CPE session will take place Friday, April 16, and the meeting will be Saturday morning, April 23.  Please visit our Events page for more information and to register for both.  We welcome all IMA members and guests!
  • Wild West Council Meeting this Saturday!

    Join us for the first meeting of the 2020-2021 year!

    Saturday, Aug. 29 - 9 am PDT

    Visit the Events Page for details and to register
  • Wild West Council approves Slate of Officers for 2020-2021 year

    The Wild West Council approved its 2020-21 Slate of Officers at the Spring meeting on Saturday, Apr.18.  Di Wu of Bakersfield, CA was elected President and Andrew Vara from the Denver, CO chapter is President-Elect.  For the full Council Board list, please visit the page below.  For anyone who is interested in becoming more active on the Council board, positions are still open!
  • Wild West Council announces dates/locations for 2020-2021 year

    The Calendar for the Wild West Council meetings for 2020-2021 will be as follows (subject to change - please check 1-2 months prior to meeting for more details):

    Aug. 28-29, 2020:  Denver, CO

    Nov. 13-14, 2020:  Bakersfield, CA

    Feb. 19-20, 2021:  Phoenix, AZ

    Apr. 23-24, 2021:  Las Vegas, NV