Council Board

Thank you to our volunteers for the term July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020!

Join our leadership team and volunteer with the Wild West Council.  Our Volunteer page has more information.

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Position Name Responsibilities
President  Wilson, Patrick President 2019-2020 1.0 
Past President  Gibb, Stuart Chapter Mentor (Regional Director) Coordinator  1.1 
President - Elect  Wu, Di Planning for next Council year, Special Projects  1.2 
Global Director  Wu, Di  Provide communication from IMA Global Board  1.3 
Treasurer  Wu, Di Manage Council's finances  1.4 
Secretary  Li, Ji Maintain meeting minutes and Council records  1.5 
VP Administration  Lenoil, Mitch   Roster, Awards  2.0 
VP Chapter Relations  Smith, Pem Communications and Publicity  3.0 
Director - Webmaster   Hewlett, Diane  Maintain Website Communications  3.1 
Associate Webmaster  McCleary, Nancy  Assist in maintaining a current and engaging website  3.1.1 
Director - Newsletter  Open Quarterly Newsletter  3.2 
Director - Email  McCleary, Nancy Email Communication planning and execution  3.3 
Director - Social Media  Deb Michalowski Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other Sites  3.4 
VP Meetings & Education  Francl, Thomas Coordinate actions of Meeting and Education Directors and Chapter points of contact  4.0 
Director - Meetings  Francl, Thomas Meeting Coordination - Albuquerque, NM 4.1.1 
Director - Meetings  Open  Meeting Coordination - LA/So. Cal 4.1.2 
Director - Meetings  Open Meeting Coordination - Phoenix, AZ 4.1.3 
Director - Meetings  Wilson, Patrick Meeting Coordination - Las Vegas, NV 4.1.4 
Director - Certified Management Accountant Promotion  Derek Heijmans  Coordinate CMA Promotion actions  5.1 
Chapter Mentor Coordinator Cheryl Brock 6.1.1 
Chapter Mentor Open AZ Valley of the Sun Chapter 
Chapter Mentor  Open  Inland Empire Chapter  6.1.2 
Chapter Mentor  Lenoil, Mitch LA Metro Chapter  6.1.3 
Chapter Mentor  Wilson, Patrick Las Vegas Chapter  6.1.4 
Chapter Mentor  Garcia, Frank  Orange County Chapter  6.1.5 
Chapter Mentor  Braithwaite, Lyle  Salt Lake Area Chapter  6.1.6 
Chapter Mentor  Open San Diego Chapter  6.1.7 
Chapter Mentor  Lenoil, Mitch San Gabriel Chapter  6.1.8 
Chapter Mentor  Lenoil, Mitch  Santa Barbara Chapter  6.1.9 
Chapter Mentor  Gove, Bob  South Bay Chapter  6.1.A 
Chapter Mentor  Reis, Carolyn  South Bay Chapter  6.1.A 
Chapter Mentor  Hartman, Don Tucson Chapter  6.1.B 
Director-at-large  Forzano, Sal Promote the objectives of the Wild West Council  7.0 
Director-at-large  Gove, Bob  Promote the objectives of the Wild West Council  7.0 
Director-at-large  Reis, Carolyn  Promote the objectives of the Wild West Council  7.0