President's Message


April 11, 2018
I can’t believe how fast this year has gone!

     We will be having our last Wild West Council meeting next week. And, it is in my home town!

     We have some really good CPE planned – 4 hours, with a student reception with networking before, and some really fun things to do in between. The AZ Valley of the Sun Steak Fry on Friday night (we really don’t fry the steaks – I don’t know why we call it that – we barbeque them) will be a fun event after 4 hours of CPE. Located at McCormick Railroad Park, we have a beautiful Ramada, steaks cooked over the coals, beer, (bring your own wine) and all the trimmings for a great picnic – potato salad, cole slaw, etc.

     The weather should be beautiful and we will have a nice fun evening under the stars!  
And, on Saturday, after our WWC meeting we will take a walking tour of the Phoenix Zoo – a world renowned zoo – on the “Arizona Trail”. I thought our out of towners would really like to experience that trail. Then Saturday night we are going to one of the premier restaurants in the state – House of Tricks. This restaurant is two old bungalow houses in downtown Tempe, near the ASU campus, joined together. We will be sitting outside, again under the stars, for a beautiful dinner. I’m really looking forward to having a fun weekend.  And, Kathleen and I will be getting a room at the hotel so our very popular “After Party” Saturday night will take place.

     I feel really good about this year – with the Global grant we received we have managed to send a couple of students to the Student Leadership Conference, pay for a Student Rally Event at California State – Bakersfield, help the South Bay Chapter with their annual student event, and have a student reception with networking and food before our CPE in Phoenix on Friday. I feel this is a good use of our dollars to promote IMA, assist our chapters, and encourage students – our future – to get involved in IMA and pass the CMA exam.

     I am looking forward to taking more of a back seat role the next year with WWC, coming to all the meetings, but just kicking back and enjoying them rather than being so involved in the planning. I’m also looking forward to getting more involved with IMA on a more Global level. As I pass the hat to Stuart Gibb, I will be available to answer any questions anyone may have.


Camille Cook CPA
President, WWC 2017-18